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“Our Story in one built on humble beginnings, openness and service”

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“Our History reflects our incremental progress over the years”

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“The coming together of people who are passionate about what they do and have a shared transformative vision”


Outsourcing is the business practice where one company hires another external to its operation to perform services [such as HR or accounting] or to procure goods on its behalf that would otherwise would be performed in-house.


The determination can be made if there is a need to utilize one or more of our services. Further, if we share similar values and leveraging our expertise is found to be complementary, then working together would be a solid decision to make.

We work with companies of all sizes. From SMEs to Multinational ones.

No. Bookings for a one hour or less no obligation assessment is free. During that time, we can communicate with you, make checks if needed and assess your needs, providing expert guidance to you.

It means we have completed the Quickbooks examinations and hold the certification for each completed product. Additionally, we are recognized by intuit and possess hosting rights to Quickbooks platform where we can offer preferential pricing and support seamlessly.

All client matters are treated with the strictest of confidence. Depending on the sensitivity of jobs, only a maximum of two senior managers is privy to sensitive information. In other cases, jobs (where applicable) are broken into smaller tasks so no one person controls the entire execution process. Role assignments are established to prevent overlap. Additionally, local hosting, as well as cloud-based secured facilities, are common features we use for storing data. Individual logins are assigned in which case, audit logs are conducted for referencing.

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