Our Story

In January of 2016, we launched as Solutions Pro and positioned ourselves as the trusted provider of accurate, future-driven business support solutions. Over the years, our evolution has led to the transitioning of our services portfolio to reflect our varying business activities and strategic business units. Hence, we renamed to; “The Solutions Pro Group Inc.” in early 2020.

Today our reason for existing has the very tenets as it was back when we launched. That was to ensure that when it came to outsourcing non-core business functions such as administrative responsibilities, accounting, logistics, payroll or HR, we were the first choice. We wanted to ensure that when clients chose us there was alignment and synergy. Hence, we continue to work on values, A1 reliability, confidentiality and trust. That thinking fueled our RISK-FREE offering, guaranteeing contracted outcomes.

Establishing this level of assurance set us apart and made it easy for business-to-business collaborations. It also aided decision-makers not only to reduce their frustrations but also their business process headaches, reclaiming valuable time, enabling the conduct of needed research, innovation and focus on high-value adding activities, thereby contributing to greater productivity and increased company performance.

The Solutions Pro Group Inc. is a 100% owned and operated Guyanese Company.

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